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  • Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover

    See how we made and installed a modern farmhouse fireplace mantel and shelves for a client recently. It is a floating mantel on brick fireplace wit...
  • DIY Wall Color Change

    Hopefully, this DIY wall color change will inspire you to tackle any project around the home you have been putting off. You can transform your livi...
  • Design Dilemma Episode 2

    In our next Design Dilemma Ideas episode, we mock-up a fireplace idea for a small living room. This is so our client can envision what her family r...
  • Tips for Decorating a Coffee Table

    Learn about a few easy principles when it comes to decorating a coffee table and you'll never run out of ideas to keep your home decor fresh and update.
  • Coat Closet Makeover

    See how we make our ordinary looking coat closet into a cute and neat decorated space that is a pleasure to look at when hanging up our coats.
  • How to Keep your Closet Organized

    See how easy it is to stay on-top of keeping your closet organized and cute! With these few tips and ideas, anyone can do it!
  • Weathered Furniture Look

    See how to restore painted furniture back to the raw wood look. Weathered furniture is all the rage right now.
  • Design Dilemma Ideas

    Do you ever have moments where you hit a blank with your decorating ideas? The ladies from Vintage Hip Decor is here to help.
  • Easy DIY Abstract Wall Art

    See how easily Karla from Vintage Hip Decor switched out a piece of wall art to update the look in her living room.
  • Eliminating a Dining Room

    Adapt the rooms in your home to suite your lifestyle, just like we did when we recently eliminated our dining room.  
  • Using a Mood Board to Update Decor

    See how we used a mood board as inspiration for this quick and easy living room wall makeover.
  • Flower Arrangement with Store Bought Flowers

    See how easy it is to create a beautiful arrangement at home with store-bought flowers.#easyflowerarrangement #decoratewithflowers #storeboughtflowerarrangement