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  • Fall Front Porch Makeover

    We got an early start this year with our outdoor fall decorations. A few weeks ago, we had the idea of creating a video about how we would update t...
  • Fall Decor Top Picks from Target and Amazon

    Let's face it, some of us don't like to rush into fall that quickly and would rather have the summer months linger as long as they can. We feel tha...
  • How to Choose Curtain Lengths

    Today we want to share how to Choose a Curtain Length and help you avoid making mistakes when it comes to curtains. Regarding the size of curtains ...
  • Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover

    See how we made and installed a modern farmhouse fireplace mantel and shelves for a client recently. It is a floating mantel on brick fireplace wit...
  • DIY Wall Color Change

    Hopefully, this DIY wall color change will inspire you to tackle any project around the home you have been putting off. You can transform your livi...
  • Design Dilemma Episode 2

    In our next Design Dilemma Ideas episode, we mock-up a fireplace idea for a small living room. This is so our client can envision what her family r...
  • Tips for Decorating a Coffee Table

    Learn about a few easy principles when it comes to decorating a coffee table and you'll never run out of ideas to keep your home decor fresh and update.
  • Coat Closet Makeover

    See how we make our ordinary looking coat closet into a cute and neat decorated space that is a pleasure to look at when hanging up our coats.
  • How to Keep your Closet Organized

    See how easy it is to stay on-top of keeping your closet organized and cute! With these few tips and ideas, anyone can do it!
  • Weathered Furniture Look

    See how to restore painted furniture back to the raw wood look. Weathered furniture is all the rage right now.
  • Design Dilemma Ideas

    Do you ever have moments where you hit a blank with your decorating ideas? The ladies from Vintage Hip Decor is here to help.
  • Easy DIY Abstract Wall Art

    See how easily Karla from Vintage Hip Decor switched out a piece of wall art to update the look in her living room.