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Our Story

Mother-daughter duo Karla (left) and Amanda (right), here 👋 We established Vintage Hip Decor, a furniture refinishing business, in March of 2012. After running a successful Etsy Shop (check out our reviews on Etsy) and managing a brick-and-mortar store for 6.5 years, we started to change gears in March 2020. Painting a thousand+ pieces and shipping them all over the country was a labor of love! We focused on business education during the lockdown and used the time to work from home on our YouTube Channel.

Fast forward, and we now are full-time YouTubers and Amazon Home product reviewers! It is still our passion to inspire you with tips and ideas regarding home decor. Subscribe to our channel for new and vintage decor inspiration while we update and makeover rooms in our multigenerational home and go antique shopping!

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If you are local to Sussex County, New Jersey, we can assist you with room makeovers of your own. Contact us via our website and let us know what you have in mind!