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  • Eliminating a Dining Room

    Adapt the rooms in your home to suite your lifestyle, just like we did when we recently eliminated our dining room.  
  • Using a Mood Board to Update Decor

    See how we used a mood board as inspiration for this quick and easy living room wall makeover.
  • Flower Arrangement with Store Bought Flowers

    See how easy it is to create a beautiful arrangement at home with store-bought flowers.#easyflowerarrangement #decoratewithflowers #storeboughtflowerarrangement
  • Nightstand and Box Spring Makeover

    See how to make small decor changes in a room for a more cohesive look. Plus, find our furniture painting guide if you want to learn how to transform the furniture you already have.
  • Small Decor Changes Add Up

    See how small decor changes add up over time to keep your bedroom and other spaces in your home up to date.
  • Watch me Declutter my Living Room

    If organizing your home feels like a chore then these tips will help you make it a fun activity.
  • Indoor Plant Care Routine

    As a reminder on how to care for your indoor plants, click here for a PRINTABLE CHECKLIST - We hope that helps make your plants thrive. 
  • Quick Bathroom Makeover

    If you are renting your home, here are some tips on a quick bathroom makeover that will freshen it up in no time.
  • Welcome to Vintage Hip Decor

    Meet the founders and owners of Vintage Hip Decor and follow along on their YouTube Channel for home decorating tips and ideas. A mother and daughter team in business together since 2012. You can read their story here.
  • Make Your Home Cozy

    A cozy and inviting home is imperative to help you recharge your energy, emotions, and physical well being.
  • Easy to Care for Houseplants

    Caring for indoor plants are often scary, but we are here to show you which houseplants are super easy to grow.
  • Create the Perfect Guest Room

    Easily create a guest room that is perfect for your sleep over guests. They'll love you for it!