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Premium Wooden Matches
Premium Wooden Matches
Premium Wooden Matches
Premium Wooden Matches

Premium Wooden Matches

Pure White Decorative Matches doubles as a matchstick and a home accessory. Clean burning matches in vibrant black tips and white wooden sticks. Perfect for lighting candles, lanterns, cigars, cigarettes, fireplaces, and campfires. They make great complementary decor to coffee tables and party table decorations.


  • NEVER HIDE YOUR MATCHES AGAIN: These matches are chic enough that you'll want to keep them out for decoration! These matches are designed to stand alone as decor or alongside one of our candles. This beautiful design upgrades candle decor into something more luxe.
  • KILN-DRIED PINEWOOD: These sturdy, kiln-dried Pinewood black matches are easy to light with the striker outside the bottle. They burn clean and are tucked safely inside a reusable, premium glass jar that protects them from dust and moisture.
  • STYLISH & UNIQUE GIFT: These decorative matches are perfect for a unique and stylish hostess gift or to add a pop of color to a gift basket. They add an artistic touch to any gift. Pair them with a candle for an ideal gift for any occasion.
  • EASY TO LIGHT: Our matches are made to light your candles quickly. The 10cm length combined with the flint striker on the outside of the bottle makes candle lighting safe and easy.
  • MATCHES WITH A PURPOSE: Our mission is to cultivate generosity with gifts that give back. Your purchase makes a difference! These matches were made to bring light to the darkness of child trafficking. Each purchase is donated to Zoe International, which works to end trafficking and provide healing and support to children.

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