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Stainless Steel Deep Colander Set
Stainless Steel Deep Colander Set

Stainless Steel Deep Colander Set

Tougher than nails, this premium stainless steel colander set is known for their durability – The best commercial-grade steel on the market. It comes in different sizes, so you don’t have to buy a variety separately. Ultimately, these colanders stack perfectly on top of one other – because space is as important as proximity, it’s perfect for all your straining, sifting, or draining needs.


  • Variety – A 3-piece colander set with 1.5qt, 3qt, and 5qt sizes, fear not, for there’s plenty of capacity.
  • Versatile – Use them to strain pasta sift flour, or rinse rice, fruits, or vegetables.
  • Nest Them – Easily stackable. You can store them anywhere, from your countertop to your cabinets.
  • Easy to Clean – Safe to put into the dishwasher or rinse with sudsy soap diluted with water.
  • US-based Customer Service lets you buy with confidence. 

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