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Fall Front Porch Makeover

We got an early start this year with our outdoor fall decorations. A few weeks ago, we had the idea of creating a video about how we would update the look of our front porch for this beautiful fall season. Most farm stands or stores didn't yet have their fall supplies in yet, but we were thrilled to find a large variety of pumpkins, foliage, and plants at our favorite local farm stand. Off we went on a bright Saturday morning to shop for and haul all of the items we needed to make a spectacular display of fall by our front door. Karla and I, assisted by my husband and Karla's Dad, Bennie, had so much fun picking out some fresh decor items for our vision. Interacting with the animals at the Andersen Farm Market was a bonus. Located in Sussex County, New Jersey, this place is a gem! Watch our video by clicking below and let us know in the comment section should you have any questions at all. Wishing you a wonderful fall season, and we hope you find some inspiration from our fall front porch makeover. 

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