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Staging Painted Furniture

Since March of 2012, Karla and I (Amanda) from Vintage Hip Decor have been refinishing antique and vintage furniture to sell online. First, we sold our distressed furniture pieces on Etsy alone and tried out selling them at Antique and flea markets. In 2013 we opened up a brick-and-mortar store in Newton, NJ, and was at that location for six and half years. Currently, we are working full time from our home studio again - thanks to covid. All that to say that we've refinished and sold a fair share of furniture. Most of which we shipped all over the US. To accomplish that over the years, we have become quite skilled at the process and pride ourselves on doing an excellent job. Staging the pieces of furniture after refinishing them played a vital role in selling them online. Imagine looking online and not being able to touch and "kick the tires" like you would in a store. Presenting the pieces in a very appealing way is key to success and making sales online. Backdrops, lighting, and items used in styling your pieces are crucial to make a good impression. Next, you have to take a picture from every angle and include close-ups for people to see every detail of the piece. The more pictures you can include in your listing, the better. Besides that, include dimensions! Always be open to sending more photos, and answer any questions your online clients might have as soon as they ask them. 

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