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Dark Wax
Dark Wax
Dark Wax
Dark Wax
Dark Wax
Dark Wax Paint Glaze
Dark Wax Paint Glaze

Dark Wax Paint Glaze

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This is a museum-quality, dark wax, used when refinishing furniture to create an antique look.

A soft wax that is easy to apply with a brush, sponge, or cloth. Making the task of "antiquing" furniture, a breeze. It is already a soft, easy to use wax, but you can mix it with mineral spirits to make an antiquing glaze.

• Easy to apply
• High-quality wax
• Odorless

Antiquing is a beautiful look for painted furniture to add dimension and interest to a piece.

Use with any furniture paint before or after applying clear wax. If you applied too much, it could easily be removed with clear wax or mineral spirits, without harming your current finish. It tones down bright colors as well.

*Attached are a few pictures as examples of how dark wax can be used. Note the chair on the left has been dark waxed whereas the one on the right, has not. 

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