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Glass Jars with Wood Lids

Glass Jars with Wood Lids

These glass canisters or storage containers are made of high-quality borosilicate glass with smooth and beautifully delicate polished Wood Lids in a set of 6. The wood lids are made of Acacia Wood. They are strong, durable, and classic looking. The non-reactive clear glass resists stains and food odors. 


  • Line up our glass storage containers on the kitchen counter to store any kind of dry ingredients - perfect for pantry organization and storage. All our wood lids are made with a stackable design for space-saving purposes; the silicone ring closes the wood lid tightly, ensuring inside food is dry and fresh for a much longer time. 
  • They are both natural & eco-friendly products! Unlike bamboo, acacia is a genuine hardwood rich with natural oils that give it natural water resistance. Bamboo resists water due to its density; the hardness of acacia wood offers significant benefits. It wears well and is exceptionally durable. With proper care, acacia wood lasts for decades. Acacia's hardness makes it less susceptible than softer woods for dents, gouges, scratches, and other damage.
  • These air-tight kitchen canisters are specially designed in different heights and quantity packs for multiple purposes of use. This 6-set Canister Diameter is 3.7 inches, the measurement for the canisters is 11.8" H - 6.75 cups (54 oz), 6" H – 3.5 cups (28 oz), 4" H - Capacity 2 cups (16oz ).

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