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  • Make Your Home Cozy

    A cozy and inviting home is imperative to help you recharge your energy, emotions, and physical well being.
  • Easy to Care for Houseplants

    Caring for indoor plants are often scary, but we are here to show you which houseplants are super easy to grow.
  • Create the Perfect Guest Room

    Easily create a guest room that is perfect for your sleep over guests. They'll love you for it!
  • Shelf Decorating Ideas

    Style your shelves or bookcases with a touch of creativity - let us show you how!
  • Staging Painted Furniture

    Custom refinished antique and vintage furniture service available in North Jersey. Contact us for an estimate.
  • Vintage Dresser Transformation

    Why discard old wooden furniture made with outstanding craftsmanship in days gone by? Restoring it with paint brings a whole new updated look!
  • The Importance of Rug Size

    The rug size you choose for a room has a more significant impact than you might think! Here are a few rules of thumb.
  • How to Whitewash Terracotta Pots

    How to whitewash terracotta flower pots for a rustic look.
  • Gallery Wall Tips and Tricks

    Learn how to install the perfect gallery wall anywhere in your home.
  • Restore Wood with Hemp Oil

    How to restore old wood furniture or decorative items with hemp oil.
  • How to apply Gilding Wax

    How to transform old furniture hardware, furniture details, picture frames and much more, with metallic wax.